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Chess is a very complex game with vast possibilities. To learn how to play chess properly you need to learn chess strategies, chess tactics and chess openings.

Everybody can learn chess. It is not only for smart people. Read the articles on this site and you will get better for sure.

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First Chess Moves

The best first chess moves for White are: 1.e4, 1.d4, 1.Nf3, 1.c4. Forget the rest, they are dubious. Don't waste your time with rubbish moves.

chess moves

You can see in the image above the most common opening moves. I suggest you play first move 1.d4 because this way you can play a quiet positional game most of the time and have a slight long-lasting advantage if you play correctly.

The second advantage is that you cut your workload into half because you don't have to learn e4 opening lines like the Sicilian Defence, the French, The Pirc, the Ruy Lopez, the Caro Kann etc.

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...Foot steps

I follow the "foot steps" of the professional Chess Grandmaster Bogdan Lalic (CROATIA) who will give you a good impression about the life of a professional chess player, as he travels to different countries in Europe and plays chess for a living. You will see his favorite chess openings and you can look behind the scenes of his chess life.


If you are a beginner in chess then start at Biggest Mistakes in Chess then go to Chess Tips to get a basic foundation. After this you can get some training and play Chess online against various computer chess programs on my site.

If you keep playing then you will improve eventually, but playing chess alone is not enough you must study some theory or you will not progress further. It is important that you learn some good chess openings to make the best opening moves right from the start. This will improve your winning chances considerably.

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